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We are well known in Tulsa for our gentle touch, safe atmosphere, and comfortable treatments.

A Dental Practice You'll Be Excited to Visit

Many people fear the dentist but with our fresh approach, you'll actually look forward to your appointments.

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In today’s busy world it can be difficult to find time to care for your oral health. You may be brushing and flossing every day but did you know more is needed? At Atlanta Place Dentistry, we offer a top-notch hygiene program designed to keep your family’s smiles healthy and looking beautiful. What’s more, our friendly office goes the extra mile to make your visit special. How?

Dr. Priscila Jelsing created the “Serenus Experience”, which combines spa-like amenities and modern technology, to bring comfortable dentistry to our patients here in Tulsa. We house a whole host of dental services all under one roof so that you can benefit from world-class comprehensive care.

As a team, we truly treasure getting to know you on a more personal level. Through these informal conversations, we can clarify your goals, concerns, and what makes you feel nervous. So, step into our Tulsa dental office for a safe, comfortable experience where you are our VIP.

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Pampering You Back to Health

From our friendly team to soothing music, everything is in place for you to enjoy your stay at Atlanta Place Dentistry.

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Smile Therapy

Our modern treatments are specially tailored to your individual smile and personal needs. Whether you’re looking for a teeth cleaning or dental implants, our smile services are performed with your comfort and health in mind.

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Spa-Like Office

At our dental spa, you’ll check your anxiety and nerves at the door. We have created a unique atmosphere where you instantly feel confident and relaxed. Plus, you get pampered too thanks to our essential oils and calming music.

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Comfort Dentistry

In past you may have felt dentistry and discomfort went hand-in-hand. Not anymore! Dr. Jelsing uses modern “comfort dentistry”, which includes sedation options, a caring team, and our "Serenus Experience".

Serenus Experience

Look forward to your dental visit!
One of our team members caring for a female patient while she sits in the dentist chair

The “Serenus Experience” is a style of dentistry that brings together excellent dental skills and a feeling of relaxation that is unlike any that you have ever felt in a dental chair.

We understand that no one wakes up in the morning excited to go to their dental appointment. In fact, most people find it an incredibly anxiety-ridden experience. This anxiety usually starts as you arrive or in some cases, even the night before.

The “Serenus Experience” works to create an atmosphere that not only reduces anxiety but in most cases, changes the feeling of anxiety to anticipation. Most of our patients, believe it or not, actually look forward to coming to our office. In fact, you may feel so relaxed in our chairs that you actually fall asleep during procedures – and that is without sedation! We aim to make you so comfortable, you might drift off.

One of our team members caring for a female patient while she sits in the dentist chair

Where do I start? From the greeting at the door to my checkout and everything in between was phenomenal! The front desk staff is super friendly and very welcoming from the instant you walk in. Once, you're in the room they turn the anxious dental appoint into a spa-like experience. They go all out, providing you with options that includes calming essential oils, blankets, and tranquility.

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Premium Dental Care

Discover the luxury and calm of our dental practice; where all your needs are met.

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Complimentary Consultations

Get a second opinion or advice on more extensive dental work from Dr. Priscila Jelsing.

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In-House Specialists

Dr. Jelsing doesn’t refer out but rather calls our local specialists in. We have a close relationship with Dr. Jaime Parish who is an expert periodontist.

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Innovative Technology

Our office boasts a range of modern technology from our guided implants to our teeth whitening system.

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100% Anxiety-Free

Modern dentistry filled with office comforts awaits you at our state-of-the-art dental practice in Tulsa, OK.

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Comfortable Care

We not only make our office warm and inviting but have also created a unique experience free of any discomfort.

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Sheer Convenience

From our online patient forms to our bilingual staff, we make your visit easy and enjoyable.

Step Into Our Comfortable Dental Spa

Serving the areas of Midtown Tulsa, Sand Springs, Jenks, and the surrounding areas.

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