Cosmetic Dentures

Do you feel anxious to smile because of missing teeth? Is it painful or uncomfortable to eat your favorite foods? Cosmetic dentures may be the option for you.

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Get Your Life Back

Cosmetic dentures give you the ability to not only get you a new set of teeth but improve your confidence.

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Eat Confidently

Imagine being able to bite into an apple or savor a steak. We can turn that into reality with implant-retained dentures, which involve placing four dental implants into your upper or lower jaw, making your smile secure and comfortable.

Moving of laughing and talking friends, thanks to implant-retained dentures
Laugh Out Loud
Receiving implant-retained dentures is truly a life-changing experience. Since the implants are securely placed within your jaw, you can smile confidently and speak clearly without the fear of your dentures slipping.
Animation of someone looking into the mirror smiling because she finally got her smile back
Love the New You
Cosmetic dentures look beautiful and naturally blend with your unique characteristics. We’ve had many patients cry when they look in the mirror after treatment because they see – at that moment – their life is back. You can be next.
A moving animation of a patient choosing between two options for dentures
Multiple Options
On top of our implant-retained dentures, we also have beautiful non-retained partial dentures that can help you smile confidently and enjoy life’s little things – without having the urge to hide your smile.
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Why Choose Us For Cosmetic Dentures?

The Atlanta Place Dentistry team ready to care for your dentures in Tulsa, OK

Whether you’re looking for traditional dentures or implant-retained dentures, Atlanta Place Dentistry is the place to go. Why?

We’ll give you four reasons:

  • Beautiful results: Dr. Priscila Jelsing does a wonderful job at creating cosmetic-grade dentures that fit and feel great! Read a story from a patient whose life changed from our dentures.
  • Specialists on site: Smile faster and under one roof. Dr. Jaime Parrish is a periodontist in our practice, so we can place implants right in our office.
  • IV Sedation is available: If you choose implant-retained dentures, we offer IV sedation to help you feel at ease and relaxed during the procedure.
  • Dentistry without judgment: We’re not here to judge your past. Instead, your comfort, health, and satisfaction are our sole focus from start to finish. We’re confident you’ll have a unique experience with us that’s worthwhile and enjoyable.

We had a CEO of a major local hospital come into our office because he was embarrassed by his old dentures. He asked for a new set of dentures. We did the exam and went with him into the consultation. After he found out that he was a candidate for implant-retained dentures, he was amazed at how his everyday life was about to change. He received four implants and a set of dentures that merely snapped into place. His new set of dentures look like real teeth! His life has changed and is more confident! Your smile could be next!

Will I have teeth after my extraction?

We can provide you with interim dentures that are softer to the gums so that no one will know you are missing teeth.

How many implants will I need?

Ideally, we will place at least four dental implants. However, the more we can place, the more secure your dentures will be.

Will people be able to tell I have dentures?

Our dentures are cosmetic dentures. They are not your grandparents’ dentures. Most people won’t have any idea you’re wearing dentures.

Restore Your Confidence and Smile
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